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The NonProfit Training Institute

When some people think about nonprofit organizations, they think of art museums and symphonies.  Some think of large national or international public charities that have become recognized institutions.  Others  think of small community groups offering job training programs or soup kitchens feeding the homeless. 

At the NonProfit Training Institute (NPTI), we think of all of these.  We also think of the Underground Railroad and the Civil Rights Movement.  And we think of churches, schools and people--organizing to assist the elderly, the young and the handicapped.  Then we think of people walking out into their communities and, along with seeing needs, they see a vision of how they might work to address those needs.  Then they help others to see the vision and become inspired to join them in the work.  From joblessness to hopelessness, from economic development to social outreach, and from health care to elderly care, the Nonprofit Training Institute serves the needs of committed visionaries who dream of making a positive impact on the problems in their communities.  NPTI works to make dreams become a reality.  The visionaries start with a vision and a commitment to give birth to a missionary endeavor.  We hold their hands and help them deliver.   

The Mission of the NonProfit Training Institute is to promote excellence in the establishment and continued survival of viable community organizations.  NPTI accomplishes this by providing technical assistance and training for emerging, new and established nonprofits and by advocating the adoption of professional ethics and standards for community organizations.  In addition, NPTI encourages volunteerism and sponsorship for the most worthy community endeavors.

The NonProfit Training Institute is a membership association based in Atlanta, Georgia.


  Recommendation Letters

April 17, 2007

Dear Mrs. Johnson-Ramsey:

Jackquelyn, this brief letter cannot begin to express all of the knowledge and depth that you have
brought to Youth Quake Team Atlanta through your NPTI training courses.  I wanted to write
personally, along with the Board of Directors, to let you know that it has been one of the best
choices we have made as a non-profit.

We were able to benefit from two of your institute’s programs.  First, the full-day 501(c)(3)
training which perfectly laid out the steps and requirements for obtaining this exempt status
legally.  You also included information about maintaining the status in integrity.  We were,
of course, able to obtain the status very shortly afterward using the forms we completed
during the coursework.

Our second connection came through your more extensive and well organized 12-week
Community Organization Leadership Training.  Obtaining this certification, after the very
detailed and relative weekly homework assignments, was a highlight of our existence as an
organization.  We were pretty well established in terms of scope and vision, but it was admirable
that you were able to handle both new-comers to the non-profit arena and veterans in the
same setting.  Our board members who attended were also impressed with the pertinent
information you provided and the challenges you made to excel at what we do.

If by chance anyone reads this letter of thanks, please know that it is from the heart of our
youth-serving agency and that, if you are considering any program flowing from the halls
of the Non-Profit Training Institute, you will not regret participating in NPTI training.


Jonathan Lonon
YQTA Executive Director


April 11, 2007

Non-Profit Training Institute
ATTN: Jacquelyn Johnson-Ramsey
250 Georgia Ave.
Suite 206
Atlanta, GA  30312

Dear Mrs. Johnson-Ramsey,

I am writing this letter to express my sincere gratitude for the expertise you shared throughout my studies with the Non-Profit Training Institute (NPTI). The information learned, and connections made, have been extremely beneficial to the growth and development of our organization.

When I began the course, we had just received our determination letter, and while our vision to serve children with special needs was clear, our plan of action was not. We had not yet written our mission statement, or even considered developing a strategic plan—we were just going with the flow and making things up as we went, unsuccessfully.

By the time I completed the Community Organization Leadership course however, we were prepared. We were more prepared than I realized, and have since then been able to pull information from the literature provided and completed assignments, to effectively operate our organization and serve the special children we dedicated ourselves to.

We are now in entering our fourth year of operation, and growing steadily. We owe our past and future success to you Mrs. Johnson-Ramsey, and the Non-Profit Training Institute, and I thank you. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who seeks to serve their community within the non-profit sector.

With the deepest sincerity, I thank you.

Nikki Wilson
Founder & President
Dream Makers Youth Foundation



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