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When some people think about nonprofit organizations, they think of art museums and symphonies.  Some think of large national or international public charities that have become recognized institutions.  Others  think of small community groups offering job training programs or soup kitchens feeding the homeless. 

At the NonProfit Training Institute (NPTI), we think of all of these.  We also think of the Underground Railroad and the Civil Rights Movement.  And we think of churches, schools and people--organizing to assist the elderly, the young and the handicapped.  Then we think of people walking out into their communities and, along with seeing needs, they see a vision of how they might work to address those needs.  Then they help others to see the vision and become inspired to join them in the work.  From joblessness to hopelessness, from economic development to social outreach, and from health care to elderly care, the Nonprofit Training Institute serves the needs of committed visionaries who dream of making a positive impact on the problems in their communities.  NPTI works to make dreams become a reality.  The visionaries start with a vision and a commitment to give birth to a missionary endeavor.  We hold their hands and help them deliver.   

The Mission of the NonProfit Training Institute is to promote excellence in the establishment and continued survival of viable community organizations.  NPTI accomplishes this by providing technical assistance and training for emerging, new and established nonprofits and by advocating the adoption of professional ethics and standards for community organizations.  In addition, NPTI encourages volunteerism and sponsorship for the most worthy community endeavors.

The NonProfit Training Institute is a division of Hope-Commitment-Services, Inc., a 501(c)(3) organization based in Atlanta, Georgia.




Flier June 24

     During one full day of training (or two three hour sessions), a lead trainer conducts 501(c)(3) the Workshop and assists participants in the completion of all of the paperwork involved in the process of applying for tax-exempt status with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).  The trainer steps participants through every question in the IRS Application Form 1023 and all of its applicable schedules for the nonprofit organizations present.  The trainer helps participants to understand the relevance of the questions to public charity standards that their organization will need to comply with as an IRS recognized public charity.

     Participants also receive copies of all of the forms for their establishment at the State level that are prerequisite for obtaining IRS recognition as well as the compliance forms they will need to later complete for the Internal Revenue Service.  The NPTI trainer uses the published manual 501(c)(3) The Courseware  as a basis for this training and provides participants with copies of  instructional materials and worksheets to facilitate their understanding of the process and development of their applications. 501(c)(3) The Courseware   was published in 1998 by Jackquelyn Johnson-Ramsey, Founder and President of The NonProfit Training Institute, as an instructional manual for lay persons trying to complete IRS Application Form 1023.  In the hands-on environment of 501(c)(3) The Workshop, participants need only come with an idea of the mission that they wish to fulfill in the community.  All other training, materials & instructions are provided by the trainer.  Participants complete the application package during the training and they are prepared to submit their packages to the Internal Revenue Service.

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     In fourteen (14) years of doing 501(c)(3) The Workshop, evaluation scores from participants have never averaged below 9 out of 10 possible points.  NPTI has never received a report of a student that did not get their approval and tax-exempt status once they submitted their applications to the Internal Revenue Service.

     This kind of assistance from private attorneys and consultants, if provided, would cost thousands of dollars. In most cases, attorneys and consultants focus only on completing the application.  NPTI recognizes that participants need a working knowledge of the compliance issues that acquiring this status requires.  NPTI ensures that its students understand such compliance so that they can avoid the pitfalls that have befallen so many organizations attempting to serve the community without the necessary training and preparation.



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